Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilling myself


Im just having a very hard time again….. I’ve wasted much of the summer and I wish to make more friends and do more things but idk its taking time. I also not only can’t stand that certain people wouldn’t be my friend but I also want to look like these people. I can’t wake up thinking I look good… I think when can I get my nails done…my hair is so boring and ugly, everyone has better nails and hair than me. I’m so tall and chubby everyones shorter than me and thinner than me everyones prettier and happier than me and my boyfriends gonna leave me be,cause I’m so disgusting…. I just seriously need some proper eating disorder therapy….obviously I’m not bulimic again but the thoughts stress and obsesiveness is all back

I literally want to kill myself

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I’m gonna scream

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